The Cleanstone project’s partners

The five partners involved in the project have already taken part in numerous projects involving national and international cooperation and were chosen on account of their specific skills and technical expertise, with the aim of guaranteeing the success of the project. They operate in four main areas: mineralology, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and ecology. A combination of expertise which means taking full advantage of the potential to create added value.

The academic and research partners bring the essential know-how from their numeric and experimental laboratories (equipped with cutting-edge simulation tools and measuring technology) and great experience in product development. The institutional partners have significant experience in communication and in the development of strategies and have a strong background as network builders. The results will allow the development of protocols to reduce the production of waste and improve the re-use of waste products.


Università di Udine – Engineering and Architecture Polytechnic Department (DPIA)

Founded in 2016 it focuses on teaching and research in the field of civil engineering, architecture, and industrial engineering as well as information engineering. Its mission is to promote and develop high-level international research and teaching, such as the collaboration with businesses and local and international industry. It is the leader of the Cleanstone project and will be responsible for all the numeric simulation of environmental flows.


Università degli Studi di Padova – Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (ICEA)

One of the leading institutions in Italy for research in the field of civil, architectural and environmental engineering, with particular attention paid to interdisciplinary aspects and applications of these disciplines in non-traditional fields. Its strategy focuses on the local area, computational scientific knowledge, and technological innovation. It is responsible for all activity relating to mineral processing.


FH Kärnten – University of Applied Sciences

The research centre set up in the University of Applied Sciences in Carinthia. The department of Civil Engineering and Architecture’s main expertise lies in the field of materials, design and construction. It is responsible for all activity relating to the processing and conservation of construction materials.


Confartigianato Vicenza

A trade association created in 1945 which aims to  safeguard and promote the values of artisanship, of small businesses and of economic associationalism, in order to contribute towards supporting the development of the local area and the processes of evolution of society and of the economy, as well as fostering continuous entrepreneurial innovation. It is responsible for the organisation and monitoring of communication and the dissemination of the results and will also have a role as a hub for stone-manufacturing SMEs in the Veneto region.


ECO Institut for Ökologie

A research institute dedicated to planning, consultancy and research concerning the conservation of nature and protected areas. It has been active since 1992 and is responsible for evaluating the environmental impact of stone fabrication.

Articolo pubblicato il 15 July 2020

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